ProducerSectorRepresentative in RF
ALFLETH Engineering AGLathes, Milling machines, Boring machines, Tool grinding machines, machining centers, gear cutting machines, grinding machines, assessories, precision tools, process automation, special machines, auxiliary equipment, lapping and honing machinesALFLETH Engineering AG
Affolter Technologies SAGear cutting machinesALFLETH Engineering AG
Baltec AGSpecial machinesALFLETH Engineering AG
Fehlmann AGBoring machines; machining centersALFLETH Engineering AG
Hauser (Kellenberger L. & Co. AG)Grinding machinesALFLETH Engineering AG
Kellenberger L. & Co. AGGrinding machinesALFLETH Engineering AG
Precitrame SATransfer machines, special machinesALFLETH Engineering AG
Rihs Maschinenbau AGTool grinding machinesALFLETH Engineering AG
Schneeberger J. Maschinen AGTool grinding machinesALFLETH Engineering AG
Stähli Läpp Technik AGLapping and honing machinesALFLETH Engineering AG
Star Micronics AGSwiss turning machinesALFLETH Engineering AG
Hatebur Metalforming Equipment LtdMetall forming machinesHatebur Metalforming Equipment Ltd
Mägerle AG MaschinenfabrikGrinding machinesMägerle AG Maschinenfabrik
OPEN MIND Technologies Schweiz GmbHProcess SoftwareOPEN MIND Technologies Schweiz GmbH
Starrag Ru Ltd.Milling machines, machining centers, Jig boring machines; Process SoftwareStarrag Group
Swissmem GeschäftsstelleIndustry Association; ConsultingSwissmem Geschäftsstelle
TL Technology AGLathes, Milling machines, Tool grinding machines, gear grinding machines, machining centers, grinding machins assessories, precision tools, process automation, coating equipment, laser machining, special machines, auxiliary equppment, lapping and honing machinesTL Technology AG
EROWAProcess automationTL Technology AG
NOBAGSheet metall cutting machinesTL Technology AG
BTGSwiss Pavilion logistics coordinatorBTG
ProducerSectorRepresentative in RF